Wednesday, 9 April 2014

IMMACULATE - Bespoke Wedding Song.

One of the pledges on our Kickstarter last year was to write be-spoke songs and we want to share this finished song called Immaculate with you. It was written for a lovely and brilliant theatrical costume designer called Nicholas Immaculate to give to his partner. Using the word 'Immaculate' was a request of his and we love it as a chorus. I became cyberly acquainted with Nicholas back in the days of My Space yore, but have only discovered today that he has worked on costumes for Madonna and Take That as well as for films like the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy - (starring Martin Freeman and Sam Rockwell). A good friend of his (their best woman in fact) had pledged for us to be the surprise live music at his wedding and I was attempting to keep that secret whilst Nicholas was going to keep secret the song for his partner. It was getting a bit complicated, so in the end the cats had to be let out of the bags! This is a wedding we are VERY much looking forward to playing and Immaculate will be the song for the first dance at the wedding! We are honoured :~)

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