Friday, 1 August 2014

ILYA + 'PROJECT JAZZ' = The Jo Swan Duo & Quartet

ILYA + PROJECT JAZZ = The Jo Swan Quartet

Recipe - some good popular songs written between the 1930's and the present day.
Chuck 'em in a big old cast iron skillet and turn up the heat for maximun SMOOCH factor.
Pretend you are on warm white sands, gazing into the turquoise azure of the Caribbean sea, a potent fruity, cocktail clinking in your hand (note 'tail' on the end of that :~P) Now "Stir it up little darlin" and see what musical alchemy transpires!

That's kind of what we did in this scorching June but in Jim Barrs Studio in Easton, Bristol :~P
Here's a song and you can hear the rest on Ilyas new DONATION'S page on our website!

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