Friday, 14 November 2014

A new EP - from oven to table in 2 days!

Jim throwing a few moves to Nicks playing.

Love the retro elements in the studio.

This selfie makes it look like Jim has a massive poster of me in the control room :~)

Yesterday morning we had an intensive session in Jim Barrs' studio recording 10 of our new songs (well 9 actually - as 1 of them is years old). Last night we had a gig out of Bristol then today we had to upgrade our computer to Logic 10 and Yosemite (I ask you! ... these names! ... I hope it's Gigantor next!) so that it was compatible with Jims files. Now within 2 days it's all ready for blast off and after taking 2 years with Blind As Hope I love this speediness! With completely live performances you can hear creaking from Nicks elbows (actually his stool and a creaking radiator  :~P) and some wee dodgy bits but we hope the overall performance wins the day :~P Please go and have a listen on Bandcamp.

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